Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"and to invite all to carry their own Arms with them"

To {Begin handwritten}John Hawky of Deerfield {Omitted text, 1w} {End handwritten}

{Begin deleted text}{Omitted text, 1w} {End deleted text} {Begin inserted text}

{Begin handwritten}Lieutenant{End handwritten}

{End inserted text} of the -- Military Foot Company in {Begin handwritten}Deerfield{End handwritten} Greeting.

Agreeable to the Law, and Pursuant to a Warrant from his Excellency THOMAS POWNALL, Esq; Captain-General and Governour in Chief, &c.

IN His Majesty's Name you are hereby required to raise (if in your Power) {Begin handwritten}Ten{End handwritten} -- able-bodied effective Men by Inlistment, on or before the sixth Day of April next, at four Clock in the Afternoon of said Day, for His Majesty's Service in the intended Expedition for the Invasion of Canada; but least said Number should not be raised by Inlistment, you are alike Required forthwith to cause all the Train'd-band Soldiers in your Company from the Age of sixteen to sixty Years, and (not by the Law of this Province exempted from attending Military Exercises) to be warn'd according to Law, that they appear in Arms at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon of said Day, at such Place in said Town as you shall appoint, and if the Quota assign'd you be not compleated by four of the Clock in the Afternoon of the said Day, you are to compleat the same by Impress, observing the Rules and Directions of the Law: And in your Impressments, you are by no Means to exempt those able-bodied and effective Men, who have been Mercinaries in any former Military Service from being Impressed.-- You are alike Required to collect what public Arms you can find and send to me as soon as may be, and to invite all to carry their own Arms with them, if good, upon the Encouragement given in the Governour's Proclamation: You are not to Inlist or Impress any Person unable or not effective, and not to return any Person Inlisted who was Impressed: You are to make a regular Return to me of your Doings, according to the inclosed Form, on {Begin handwritten}the ninth day of April {Omitted text, 1w} {End handwritten} as also to cause the Men raised to appear before me at the House of {Begin handwritten}{Omitted text, 2w} Billing in Hatfield{End handwritten} on the {Begin handwritten}18th{End handwritten} Day of {Begin handwritten}April{End handwritten} at {Begin handwritten}Ten{End handwritten} of the Clock, in order to pass Muster; at which Time and Place you are to bring with you or send by a Commission Officer their Inlistments. Hereof you are not to sail on the Pains and Penalty of the Law in such Case made and provided.

Given under my Hand and Seal at {Begin handwritten}Hatfield{End handwritten} this {Begin handwritten}19th{End handwritten} Day of {Begin handwritten}March{End handwritten} In the Thirty-second Year of his Majesty's Reign, A. D. 1759.

{Begin handwritten}{Omitted text, 1w} William {Omitted text, 1w} {End handwritten}



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