Saturday, February 02, 2008

AT a General Assembly of the Governor, "who shall provide Arms for himself", April 26, 1775

...FOR the Encouragement of such able bodied and effective Men of said Militia or Others, as shall voluntarily offer and inlist themselves for said Service to the Acceptance of the proper Officers--It is Resolved by this Assembly, That each inlisted Inhabitant or Person as aforesaid, shall be entitled to a Premium of Fifty-Two shillings upon their Inlistment, they supplying themselves with a Blanket, Knapsack, Cloathing, & the Acceptance of their respective Captains, and also to One Month's advance pay.

That each Serjeant shall receive Forty-eight Shillings, each Corporal Forty-four Shillings, each Drummer and Fifer, Forty-four Shillings, and each Private Forty Shillings, per Calendar Month, during their Continuance in said Service.
That each inlisted Inhabitant, or Person, as aforesaid, who shall provide Arms for himself, well fixed with a good Bayonet and Cartouch-Box, shall be paid a Premium of Ten Shillings: And in Case such Arms are lost by any inevitable Providence, such Inhabitant, so providing himself, shall be allow'd and paid the just Value of such Arms and Implements so lost, deducting only the said Sum of Ten Shillings, allow'd as aforesaid--Said Premium of Ten Shillings to be paid as soon as such Inhabitant shall be so provided as aforesaid.

That a particular Account shall be taken of all the Arms that may be used, and the same shall beall appriz'd by indifferent Judges...

A true Copy of Record, Examin'd, By George Wyllys, Sec'ry.



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