Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You got that right.....

“If the guarantees of the Constitution can be broken provisionally to serve a temporary purpose, and in a part only of the country, we can destroy them everywhere and for all time. Arbitrary measures often change, but they generally change for the worse. It is the curse of despotism that it has no halting place. The intermitted exercise of its power brings no sense of security to its subjects, for they can never know what more they will be called to endure when its red right hand is armed to plague them again. Nor is it possible to conjecture how or where power, unrestrained by law, may seek its next victims. The States that are still free may be enslaved at any moment; for if the Constitution does not protect all, it protects none. . . . .This, to the minds of some persons, is so important that a violation of the Constitution is justified as a means of bringing it about. The morality is always false which excuses a wrong because it proposes to accomplish a desirable end. We are not permitted to do evil that good may come. But in this case the end itself is evil. as well as the means.”
- Andrew Johnson, Message to the U.S. Senate, Washington, December 3, 1867


At 6:56 AM, Anonymous Eugene D Hayes said...

History repeats itself for those unwilling to learn from it. Unfortunately, when left to its own means tyranny will flourish until armed revolt or intervention from an outside source corrects the problem.


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