Monday, September 04, 2006

George Washington to Continental Congress, April 18, 1783....

“...Notwithstanding the length of this Letter, I must beg the Liberty to suggest to Congress an Idea which has been hinted to me, and which has affected my Mind very forcibly. That is, that at the Discharge of the Men engaged for the War, Congress should be pleased to suffer those Men, non Commissd Officers and Soldiers, to take with them as their own property, and as a Gratuity, the Arms and Accoutrements they now hold. This Act would raise pleasing Sensations in the Minds of those worthy and faithfull Men, who, from their early engaging in the War, at moderate Bounties, and from their patient continuing, under innumerable distresses, have not only deserved nobly from their Country, but have obtained an honorable Distinction over those, who, with shorter Terms, have gained large pecuniary Rewards. This Act, at a comparative small Expence, would be deemed an honorable Testimonial from Congress of the Regard they bear to those distinguished Worthies, and the Sense they have of their suffering Virtues and Services, which have been so happily instrumental towards the security and Establishment of the Rights Liberties and Independence of this rising Empire. These constant companions of their Toils and Dangers, preserved with sacred Care, would be handed down from the present possessors, to their Children, as honorable Badges of Bravery and military Merit; and would probably be bro't forth, on some future Occasion, with Pride and Exultation, to be improved, with the same military Ardor and Emulation, in the Hands of posterity, as they have been used by their forefathers in the present Establishment and foundation of our National Independence and Glory....”
- The George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799


At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Eugene D Hayes said...

The bond of fidelity that existed between the public officials and the citizenry which existed in the beginning of this republic has been violated by those who would scrap the noble principles of its founding for the sake of power and control. The current government leadership has earned nothing but our contempt and loathing.


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