Thursday, August 03, 2006

Journals of the Continental Congress....

"...The Board of War brought in a report, which was taken into consideration; Whereupon,
Congress came to the following resolution:
The Board taking into consideration the little effect of the reward offered in March last to such drafts as should bring firelocks &c with them into the field, reflecting too on the small number of arms and accoutrements in the public stores, are of opinion that larger reward should be proposed to the two new regiments ordered to be raised in Virginia and Pennsylvania, to induce them to come armed and accoutred; and beg leave to report--
Whereas, Congress, on the 2d day of May last, resolved that two regiments be raised in Virginia and Pensylvania, to serve for one year, and it is expedient that as many as possible of the non-commissioned officers and soldiers should provide themselves with arms and other necessaries:
Resolved, That each non-commissioned officer and soldier of the said regiment, who shall so provide himself with arms and other necessaries, shall receive the following compensations, to be paid as soon as he has passed muster, upon his producing the said articles, viz.
For a good serviceable rifle, with a powder horn, bullet pouch, and mould, eight dollars; for a good serviceable musket, with a bayonet and a powder horn, and bullet pouch, or a good cartouch box, six dollars; for a like musket and accoutrements, without a bayonet, five dollars; for a knapsack, two dollars; for a haversack, one dollar; for a blanket, eight dollars.1
[Note 1: 1 This report, in the writing of Timothy Pickering, is in the Papers of the Continental Congress, No. 147, II, folio 105.]....
TUESDAY, JUNE 16, 1778
Wan't there some clown that had written a book claiming that the early Americans didn't have many guns? And here we find Congress offering recruits to bring their OWN arms, and Congress will PAY them to do so? Hmmmmm......"


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