Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Elbridge Gerry, Pamphlets on the Constitution of the United States, published during its Discussion by the People, 1787-1788

Gerry, Eldridge. Observations On the New Constitution, and On the Federal and State Conventions. By a Columbian Patriot. Sic Transit Gloria Americana. [boston: 1788.]
Webster, Pelatiah. the Weakness of Brutus Exposed: Or, Some Remarks In Vindication of the Constitution Proposed By the Late Federal Convention, Against the Objections and Gloomy Fears of That Writer Humbly Offered to the Public, By a Citizen of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Printed for, and to be had of John Sparhawk, in Market-Street, near the Court House M.
Hanson, Alexander, Contee. Remarks On the Proposed Plan of a Federal Government, Addressed to the Citizens of the United States of America, and Particularly to the People of Maryland, By Aristides. “as a Confederated Government Is composed of petty republics, it enjoys the internal happiness of each; and with regard to its external situation, by means of the association, it possesses all the advantages of extensive monarchies.” Mont. Sp. of Laws, B. 9, Ch. 1. Annapolis; Printed by Frederick Green, Printer to the State.
Randolph, Edmund. Letter On the Federal Constitution, October 16, 1787, By Edmund Randolph [richmond: Printed By Augustin Davis, 1787.]
Iredell, James. [answers to Mr. Mason's Objections to the New Constitution, Recommended By the Late Convention. By Marcus. Newbern: Printed By Hodge and Wills, 1788.]



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