Sunday, April 15, 2007

RELEASE: Rick's Bond Revoked!

Received the following from Pam Stanley, wife of Rick Stanley. Many of you may remember Rick in his run for the Colorado U.S. Senate race in 2002;
At about 11:30am Denver time, as Rick and I were exiting our bank, a dozen or so swat team decended upon us. They fired stun grenades in order to disorient us and screamed at us to get down on the ground. They proceeded to tie our arms behind our backs, then handcuff us. As they were doing this we were asking "what is going on?" They merely told us that Rick's bond had been revoked by a judge.

They took him away, impounded our vehicle then they released me, having a female detective give me a ride home since I had no vehicle. I just got off the phone with the booking department of Denver County Jail. I was told Rick is there on a "fugitive hold" from Adams County for bribery, 2 counts. Neither I, nor our attorney have any clue what this is all about! I assume this is all steming from the original "Influencing Public Officials" charges that he was convicted of and the Colorado Court of Appeals just upheld the week before last.

When I called Denver County Jail they also told me that I can go down there at 7:00pm this evening to see Rick. I plan to do so. I have been in contact with our attorney, Jim Bull, but unfortunately he is up in the mountains and unable to get down here until Monday morning.

He is going to request a hearing in front of a judge as soon as possible on Monday to determine what is going on and to see if we can get Rick out on a new bond. I will keep everyone informed as to what is going on as I get more information.

Pam Stanley

There are those that probably remember how Rick, a staunch advocate for our (supposedly) Constitutionally protected Rights. First came to have problems with the 'law' in Colorado;

Protesting a Denver ordinance against bearing arms, business owner and Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Rick Stanley late last year strapped on a hip holster bearing a .380 Beretta (fellow protester Duncan Philp chose a shoulder rig) during a Dec. 15 rally celebrating the 210th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.

He'd advertised what he was going to do and invited Denver police to come get him. They did. He was peacefully arrested by 18 officers, and brought to trial on May 15 in the municipal court of Judge Robert L. Patterson.

To give everyone an idea of just where Rick stands concerning our Rights. The following is a quote from a website;

This website started out as my personal campaign website for the 2002 Colorado U.S. Senate race. It has evolved into a website that promotes the restoration of our country back to a Republic, based on the Constitutional Rule of Law. I, and many others, believe in defending our God-given, natural, unalienable, Constitutionally guaranteed and protected rights here in the POLICE STATE of America. This is NOT an option, it is a sacred duty. There are some things here which constitute ideas of mine and others, meant to accomplish this mission.

There is a government conspiracy to destroy individual rights, with the government's perversions of Constitutional rule of law, at all levels of government, that has overthrown this country from within. This will not stand. We the people demand all unconstitutional ordinances, statutes, and laws be overturned immediately. The average American cannot afford a five year court fight, hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, to then reach a point at the Supreme Court, where the black robes can ignore the issues, and refuse to hear the case, effectively destroying the unalienable rights of Americans.

LIVE FREE or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime

Rick Stanley

Hopefully Rick's attorney will be able to secure his release this next week. All those concerned with Freedom, Liberty and the Preservation of our Inalienable Rights. Should be concerned with this type of activity from those in our government. As it can very well be that it could be you or I that are next on the list.

There is contact information on Rick's website for those interested in offering encouragement and support. Hope the best for Rick and Pam, and that this present trouble is soon overcome. Will try provide additional information as it is made available. When available, it will be posted here, or on GunShowOnTheNet.blogspot.



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