Sunday, February 04, 2007

What do you suppose President James K. Polk meant by this:

...While the people of other countries, who live under forms of government less free than our own, have been for ages oppressed by taxation, to support large standing armies in periods of peace, our experience has shown that such establishments are unnecessary in a republic. Our standing army is to be found in the bosom of society. It is composed of free citizens, who are ever ready to take up arms in the service of their country when an emergency requires it. Our experience in the war just closed fully confirms the opinion that such an army may be raised upon a few week's notice, and that Our citizen soldiers are equal to any troops in the world. No reason, therefore, is perceived why we should enlarge our land forces and thereby subject the treasury to an annual increased charge. Sound policy requires that we should avoid the creation of a large standing army in a period of peace. No public exigency requires it. Such armies are not only expensive and unnecessary, but may become dangerous to liberty....

- Journal of the Senate of the United States of America, THURSDAY, July 6, 1848.


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