Friday, December 08, 2006

Letters of Delegates to Congress, "...before a Recourse to Arms can be Justified...", Dec. 29, 1774

James Duane to Thomas Johnson

"...If they pursue a Middle path, assume a Resolution to maintain their Rights with Fortitude and at the same time hold up a plan of Accommodation & Union, they must tread upon Thorns, expose themselves to Suspicion & Distrust & perhaps yield up points which their Sister Colonies will not approve...."
"...The people here however misrepresented are sincerely devoted to the Cause of Liberty. And tho' they are ungenerously condemned in other colonies [. . .] they will not suffer the press to be restraind, nor a decent Freedom of speech to be controled. These Indulgences in part proceed from a proper sense of Liberty. Under this advantage It is not difficult for a Man of Observation to discern the General Opinion on important & popular subjects. It seems to be agreed here that every pacific & persuasive Expedient ought to be tried before a Recourse to Arms can be Justified..."


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